Fake it til you make it!

So…I bought a half wig. I was pretty excited about it too because I’ve been thinking about some options that I could do in order to let my hair grow out. Its in that awkward phase where its on the back of my neck driving me crazy and I just hate this length.  I can do shorter, I can do longer but I can’t do this length–I always end up cutting it.  So this is an inexpensive, convenient solution! I’ve actually been thinking of doing a YT video about it but we’ll see.  Anyway for now, here are pictures.

It's a wig! (is the brand) and "Fame" is the style it was $14.57!
Me--day 1 with FAME!

Now technically its a half wig and I’m supposed to wear it with some of my hair out, but I still have color in my hair so I haven’t do that.  Until I either put a rinse in my hair or cut the color out I’m not wearing this as a half wig without a headband.  Ya dig?

You know out of 60 shots, 1 or 2 end up looking decent.


And forgive me…I love photography/photoshop/art/playing…wait, why TF am I apologizing? This is MY world 🙂



Loving my new option.



One thought on “Fake it til you make it!

  1. Verrrry cute! Funny, I just bought a full wig this week…it was on sale for $20. It’s dark brown, straight with bangs and it’s really cute but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to actually wear it out without a hat or anything. I have a curly half wig but it doesn’t cover enough of my hair to wear it full, I never thought of using a scarf! I’ll have to try it. Especially since it’s exam week and I don’t have time to fool with my hair.

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