If we’re being honest

I read a tweet today that sat with me…@TheDailyLoveThe things you wish others would see in you is what your Soul is dying for you to see in yourself! #TDL
When I first read it I immediately asked myself, well what could my soul be asking of me? And I knew. *sigh* I really don’t want to write this blog. All the more reason for me to keep going, right?
Let me back up, the other night Wifey sent me an article called “The 7 reasons you’re not married,” and she readily admitted that she saw validity in one of the claims for herself: anger. When I read it I vocalized that I was definitely “selfish”.  What I neglected to acknowledge was the accusations that said “You’re not good enough”.  By now you’d think I’d be able to see this issue a mile away, right? Its not that I don’t believe im good enough…I guess its more ideals. I have an idea of what a wife does or says or looks like and I don’t fit those things. I will never fit those things. Okay so logic says I need to broaden my idea of what it means to be a wife. If we’re being honest…
I fear…okay, so before I call myself out can I just sat that I just made this connection? So, I fear him thinking I can’t love/nurture/care for him based on the way I treat myself. That’s such an awful thought. I was thinking today while watching tv how we all just want someone to think we’re beautiful. Not physically necessarily and not something about us is beautiful but that we are beautiful. You dont get to be hundreds of pounds overweight by holding too much love. So what does my soul want me to know? Lots of things.
that its okay.
that im beautiful
That I am talented
That I am exceptionally intelligent
That I matter
thank you. You’re welcome.

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