Gifts from the Universe

Yesterday I went to go talk to my professor.  In our discussion I mentioned to her that I was waiting for the universe to tell me something and give me some direction.  I was speaking about my dissertation but then she asked me what I was doing for Christmas and I told her I would be here unless the universe gave me something different.  Curious.

Today my classmate/small group member/friend asked me what I was doing for Christmas and I told her nothing.  She said, “Would you like to house sit for me? I’m going to be gone for two weeks.”  Now the reason this is significant is because she lives at the beach. Literally this photo is outside her window–>.  I am obsessed with the town.  After I visited her for the first time I fell in love and started looking for places there. I said that if I end up working in Southern California after I graduate then I will be moving to the OC.  Everything about this place speaks to me and I was so excited to tell her “YES” I would be there to house sit.  I wouldn’t miss that for anything.  That truly is the greatest gift I could have received.  I think I want to take that time and reflect.  Walk on the beach every morning and try to get clear and poised for the next semester.  I’ve been saying thank you since she asked and I’m going to continue to say it. Every morning and every time I smile.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you.

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