Why I do it

I had a talk with my mom today and I was telling her about my how I can’t wait for my sisters to get to college and how I am going to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes that I made.  I want my younger sister to get to college, her dream is UGA so I want her to go to UGA and come out debt free with good grades and the ability to go to the top vet school (If that is still her dream upon graduation).  I want her to miss some of the hard knocks that I had to endure.  At the same time, I want her to experience things at her own speed and in her own time.  I just want the best life for her.  OMG this is impossible love, how am I ever going to survive having my own kids??

I invited one of my students over to my apartment this saturday; I am going to cook dinner and do her hair.  I guess I sort of took her under my wing since she’s from Atlanta and out here in SD with me.  I want the best for her like I would want someone to help and protect my own sister.  Maybe that’s why I love the mentoring.  I hope that there are people around who will help my sisters/cousins/children one day.  It’s all from love, just planting these love seeds everywhere that I go.


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