she exists just to torment me. just to show me that shes like she exist. her and her thighs that don’t touch and perfectly undone hair. she smiles just to show prove the effortlessness of it.  i reach for happiness as one would search for the light and still i sit the only light is the sun in her lips.  thanks.

i swear i tried. i promise i loved and prayed and begged. willed it away, made a deal with the man upstairs if he could just get me to god it would all be fixed but…i sit and she smiles and i’m still in this dry ass reality soft bars rolling hills for miles and miles in between.

just to be a seed or or or better yet a feather, you’ll never miss me once i’m gone.  just let me carry on my sex with the breeze i’m almost…there.

once. can the mood do me a favor? borrow my shine just for today and five me the sky just so for once i can feel small. stop inviting me over.

red lps like a black and white, smoke off the coast of the amalfi, tell me which way is sunset? there she is…dancing in the sun, doing the move i taught her or the one i would have if i dared to move.


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