Will and Won’t, Can and Can’t

Where has my head been lately? A little bit of everywhere…I am back home visiting family and friends and it seems that my head has been a bit in the clouds, even more than normal.  I have been reserving most of my mental doodles for my book–yes I finally started writing my book–but others I suppose I need to start writing down.  I have just been wandering in what feels like a never ending weaving of daydreams and connections.  I had this thought yesterday, for example, and I guess it was a request of sorts…I asked for stronger shoulders.  I considered the request carefully before I pushed it out into the Universe but did let it set sail.  I take care of those that I love.  I have learned some boundaries and learned how to help without enabling, but I have accepted that I will carry a certain amount of responsibility for those I love and rather than complain or wish it would go away, I just want to be able to accommodate it.

I met up with Nama last night and was telling her the following:

  • I made the safe choice by choosing school, but I know that it is where I am supposed to be (for many reasons).
  • I keep getting told (repeatedly) that my written work will be significant.
  • I keep wanting to get closer to the ocean, even as close as I am it is not close enough.

This entire year I have felt like I am on the verge of something. I know I am not wrong…

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