The Sex Tingle and Noah Calhoun

I love Patti Sanger. When she boasts about being a 3rd generation match maker claiming that it is a gift from God–I totally believe her. I love, also, that she totally believes in the power (and importance) of physical attraction. She can often be heard asking, “does he make the panties wet?” Or saying “the penis does the picking!”  I totally believe the same thing. Tonight I was talking with Fenway and *marinates on pseudonym for friend* Mai when I articulated that I want to marry Noah Calhoun. I mean honestly, what girl doesn’t? But I really mean it.

Honest. Hot (scruffy, natural muscle, rugged “I built you a whole fucking house” type of hot). Aggressive.  The undisputed man of the house (he basically had a side Chick, and his main at the crib…kicking it! ) but the thing I love most was his ability to be so open and forward about where he stood and what he wanted. That is the stuff, Patti Sanger, that is attractive to me.

That is also, apparently, hella hard to come by. CR told me today I have to be patient with people. Valid. But those things…that attraction is nothing I should have to wait for. That should be automatic, organic, instinctive. *mind wanders*

Even my non-crush doesn’t fit the bill. Which is probably why he’s a non-crush and not a crush crush. Really, if we’re being honest only one guy has been Noah Calhoun hot to me…and he would totally laugh at my saying that. I guess we can get wrapped up in the other things…the things that are nice about a person, the things that make them sparkle. Sometimes we can even marry those nice enoughs. But the truth is, without that tingle in your pants…

And now that I think back on my most favorite couples, they are all hot couples. Like couples I could see having a healthy, fun sex life. Not in a weird I wanna watch way, but in a way where you know they are the total object of each others affections. Like Khloe and Lamar.

Okay…from now on, I’m listening to Patti and waiting for the tingle.

2 thoughts on “The Sex Tingle and Noah Calhoun

  1. I love this. I think the most important things for people to get about relationships is 1) knowing what you want and 2) differentiating between what you want and what you need. Sexual attraction definitely falls in the need category, because if it didn’t we’d all have those marriage pacts with our best friend of the opposite sex!

    I also think your word choice–the sex “tingle”–is interesting. So many people talk about the “spark” or “fireworks” as if you’re supposed to be practically orgasming from the first kiss and if not, he’s a dud, move on. But a tingle…it catches your attention, but it’s much more subtle. With my ex, I looked at him and immediately went, “I want THAT.” With Tex, it started out as a tingle, but four years later I still have trouble keeping my hands off of him.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re having fun and doing you. Think of it this way–maybe you’re just too awesome for The One to handle right now and God’s getting him ready! 🙂

  2. I totally agree! Its not just the spark, the lust, the sex–its an attraction that only grows as you know more about them and yes, even after years makes it hard to keep your hands off of them. Maybe I’m idealistic but I’m holding out for that!

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