What does it look like when your life catches on fire?
When you set your trail ablaze with passion rather than smolder in mediocrity…what does it feel like to be the sun?
Giver of energy for the whole of all things, light in the sky and breath in the lung, what is it like to be vitality?
Refusal to lie down, you rise and you fall–both are necessary for the dance. But the way you mark the sky clears any sadness one might have for an ending. Standing ovation and tears on the lashes of babes for such an awe inspiring exeunt.
I want to be life.
I want to be light.
I want to dance.
and so I will study the sunrise as my first lesson. You will be my only teacher; Baryshnikov doesn’t begin to rival your lines nor Copeland your passion. My master and I your apprentice, teach me love.


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