The first time I had my Christmas wedding dream, I looked it up and saw that weddings around religious holidays signify a want for a spiritual presence in the union.  That is absolutely true, and as it stands right now I still see my “dream” wedding as being me, him, the ocean, and god.  My subconscious seems to feel differently.  There I was, again, breathing the smell of evergreens, holding my poinsettia bouquet, walking down the aisle alone to Oohs of Silent Night being sung.  I was walking and felt such peace, like still waters and the closer I got to him the more at ease I felt.  I felt god in us.  When I went to describe the dream the image of him being an anchor felt most appropriate.

I told J I felt a safety that I have never felt before, nor ever even sought from a relationship.  I have never felt unsafe or unprotected but as I walked down the aisle to my future husband I felt like I was going home.  In every sense of that word.  I don’t remember the ceremony, just the end..after he kissed me he hugged me.  I breathed him in and allowed myself to be held.  I told my Person that he was big enough to make me feel small, and again this awesome sense of safety.

I found it interesting to have this dream again–the girl who doesn’t want a weeding. J says it depends on who I’m walking to.  We’ll see.  Stranger things have happened.

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