Two days, One seed

There are two days that have made lasting impressions on me and showed me very clearly my own divinity; those two days are the day of my accident and the day I meet the healer. I have mentioned both before but to my knowledge never together and certainly never to the extent to which I will now speak of them.
The day of my accident when I woke up on the ground, after having been thrown from a flipping suv into a concrete median I woke up to silence. I remember it as though I am still digging gravel and glass out of my skin. I did not hear brakes, horns, nothing of the world around me. I was told to get up and get the others. I moved to all fours and pushed myself up. I will never forget the woman who lent me her cell phone to call home. I think of her often. I pulled them all out of the car. Roof caved in, doors permanently shut, all but one. Out through the windows. My sisters white coat stained with blood. And then they took me…in the ambulance as I fought off oxygen assuring them I was fine I wondered if I was. I was told I couldn’t move my head. I was told my neck was broken but I didn’t feel that way. As a matter of fact, I cannot ever recall feeling broken. I was told I was okay and I believed it. Before I woke I asked if I was dying, and before I got an answer I stated very clearly that I was not ready. And I knew from the time I picked myself off the ground that my life was not my own. I stayed but it wasn’t because I, Jessica, it was because of something far greater.
The day Dr. Kim invited the healer to class I remember being excited to hear her story. To hear how she knew and how she came to trust her gift so fully. Struggling with my own, then recent news of being an empath and a lingering request made by a stranger while in recovery from my car accident to “always share my story,” I wanted to learn how. Little did I know she had a car accident too. Sometimes I can hear about them, the facts and see the wreckage and even casualties and be unaffected. Then other times…I cried from the time she opened her mouth until the time she left. I wanted so desperately to hug her. Never before had I seen such an accurate depiction of myself in someone else. She was white light. Unmistakable. She was energy of the purest kind and I knew when she spoke her words came from a voice not many are accustomed to using. She was tired afterwards. I felt if I touched her I would implode. As much as I craved the affection I was too afraid to truly experience it.
And now I sit holding these two remarkable days, one in each palm. Armed with the imagination of all the things that make me extraordinary. My ability to feel the energies of others. My ability to see it. My premonitions. My magnetism. My knowing. And most recently my hands. I sit sure that as I tell this story of what I am that it will awaken something in someone else to question their own limitlessness.
I challenge myself with the same. To be courageous enough to live in the sunshine. To be able to trust myself and to be assured in the validity of my own knowing. To eradicate ‘should’ from my vocabulary spoken and otherwise. To be myself.
The entire universe is waiting for us to wake up deaf to the noise, and fearlessly Be in our own skin. The part that we each plays is integral to the success of us all. We are separate and one. And so to begin the adventure, I must first leap. But not before I see and I know, ahem, Know that I will fly. That was was taught in two days…I am possibility. This is my chapter in our story. What will you add to it?

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