In vino veritas

The last few times I’ve gone out with my people here, inevitably one of the girls in the group finds a sir and decides to take him home.  Now, I’m not judging, but it always puts me in an awkward position because I am not sure whether to referee or let be.  Back home if any of my friends were to find a perfect stranger and take him home, there would be some major interference being run.  Sure we’ve gone home with exes, or current flings, but it is always someone familiar.

The thing that gets me is that maybe I’m just a prude.  I mean…one night stands and hook-ups are not exactly foreign in our culture.  And who am I to stand in the way of some xes?  I guess you just get nervous because I mean…you have the familiarity of about 2 hours with said person and you’re leaving your friend with them in a hope that their liquor induced state hasn’t completely impaired their judgement.  I figure it has to go like this…I have never gotten so intoxicated that I took home a stranger, not even close so as the saying goes, “in vino veritas” in wine there is truth. And if you’re doing it drunk, you’d do it sober (and the inverse…if you wouldn’t do it sober you won’t do it drunk).

So where does that leave me as a friend?  Honestly? Not wanting to be put in those situations again.  I never grew up with an idea of what 28 looked like or would hold for me, but I can definitely say being on the cusp of it that it will not include situations such as those.  If that makes me prude then oh well.  Drinking is cool…but I’d rather a wine than a vodka. Dancing is cool, but I’d rather a lounge than a club.  Going out is fine but I would prefer to be home by 10 and in bed by 11.  That’s just me on the edge of 27 ready to embark on my next big adventure: late twenties and undeniable adulthood.



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