Lotto Fever

Everyone has lottery fever, they are pooling together and buying tickets in bulk. Earlier somebody even tweeted, “Yall know that if Obama hits the lotto, he’s quitting his job right?”  Hilarious, but it got me to thinking…would he be tempted?

Then I got to daydreaming about what I would do if I won the lottery for half a billion dollars (insane amount of money!) Here we go:

  • 1/2 go to taxes–>250mil
  • 1/2 goes to Mom–>125 mil
  • 5 mil to UT, 5 mil to USD–> 115mil
  • 25 mil to Grandma and 25 mil to my Dad–>65 Mil
  • 1 mil to 20 friends–not enough to make them rich, just enough to let them know I love em–>45 mil
  • THEN! I would clean up all of my debts, no more student loans, no more renting s#!%, I swear to pete I hate our credit system so bad I’d get myself a Suze Orman Rush card and close my damn checking accounts lol…I loathe banks.

And then I’d be back in class Tuesday morning.  I just…I guess I get so much from being in education that money just cannot account for.  And it really makes me happy to know that I am in a field that is so personally fulfilling that money isn’t even a factor in it.  I would still work in higher education, but I would take every summer off to travel. I would buy a home and fill it with photographs and art from my worldly travels. I would get married on a private island and then fly family and close friends out for a small reception. I would  set up a trust for my children and quite honestly, I think I would hire a tutor for them in middle and high school to teach them art history, music, foreign languages, and the sort.  And I would donate my half of my salary into scholarships for black men wanting to pursue higher education.

I suppose I’d have to have something in place that would make my money grow, but truth be known…if my kids were taken care of and I died with an account balance of $0.00 I would be elated.


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