I took the stairs today.  Whenever I do, I feel like such a bad ass; I am unsure of how many there are, but there are many and to add insult to injury they are stairs that are also at a steep incline.  So I took the stairs on a day that I would normally take the long way.  See, on days that I have to be at work at 9am, all of the law school students are flooding to class.  There are 20-30 who also take the stairs and I always shy away from them on days like today because I do not want to be the slow one huffing and puffing creeping up the steps.   In my head I always envision a string of people irritated behind me wishing I could hurry up and either get out of the way or get my ass up the steps.

Today, however, I didn’t care.  What changed?  Well last night I watched this Lifeclass with Oprah and TD Jakes where so many wonderful quotes (gems) were dropped that I could barely keep up.  The one I kept closest to me was this, “There is nothing sexier than someone who knows WHO they are, WHERE they’re going, and WHAT they were created to do. People who are on point are attractive!” I heard it and when DAMN RIGHT! in my head because I feel all of those things, not only that I think those things are the reason that people are drawn to me.  I do not say that in a conceited way, I say it because it is true.  People seem to genuinely enjoy being around me and it has really always been that way.

Later on yesterday evening I was watching Bethenny Ever After and Julie, her personal assistant, resigned from her position.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I got a phone call in the middle of the show and missed it, but I found myself on Bethenny’s website where I saw in big red bold letters

Apply To Team Bethenny!

I knew that I had to.  Normally I am not a contest enter-er, a celebrity stalker, a website commenter, etc. Because I figure millions of people do it and why would my comment stand out or make any sort of impact? What would I say that hasn’t already been said? This time, however, I knew that at the very least, Bethenny would read my cover letter and review my resume. I knew that something I said, if I said it from my heart, would resonate with her and I knew that I would stand out.  I did not question it for a second.

So today as I climbed the stairs I thought about what it would be like to get a call from Bethenny and have to uproot my life (once again) and move cross country (once again) in order to fulfill a dream.  Jakes said your passion will lead you to your purpose.  My passion, if nothing else, is connecting to people.  The opportunity to be a part of the Skinnygirl team and see first hand what innovative, passion driven leadership looks like would be a dream.  So I put it out there into the universe and if it is meant for me then it is mine.  I smiled at my gumption and took deep breaths as I could hear someone behind me slowing their pace to match my stride upward.

“Do not ask permission from others to do what you were directed to do because their vision may be limited. Do it anyway and they can catch up later.”  I did not wait for My Person to respond to my text about Bethenny, I did not tell anyone else (before now) about my decision and yet I feel so good about it.  As I took short breaths reaching the top of the canyon (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the stairs hike up the side of a canyon?) I heard my Self say, “You’ve got MOXIE, girl!”  I smiled and headed in the direction of work knowing that even if it was the worst day ever at work I already had two great accomplishments, I took the stairs and I walked confidently in the direction of my dream.  Make that three, I was seen in all my glory and I did not shy away from  the attention.  I was seen.


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