A look at where I’m standing

I went card shopping. Well, I was out this weekend with Mass Elle at Balboa and incidentally bought a ton of cards. I love mailing them out to people, because in my head everyone loves to get mail that isn’t a bill.  Not only that, it is important to me that my loved ones know I love them. So I send cards. Beautiful cards filled with beautiful words.  That’s just me.

As I picked them out, I thought of the people I wanted to send them to.  I bought one, however, and I was not sure as to who it was for, but I knew it was for someone.  Yesterday as I sat on my sofa, writing and addressing, I held this card and wondered who it was for and when I would send it.  I left it wrapped up in the plastic on the coffee table until this morning.  I woke up, and went to my google reader to catch up on life, east coast life, and read BrownBelle’s latest post.  I saw that she’d tweeted me, “I let go of the consequences of telling the truth today and it felt amazing!”  I was elated that someone else was experiencing what I found to be the key to absolute peace, and I knew the card was for her.

I read a tweet this morning, right after my blog/news reading that said, “Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” It struck me as novel because why wouldn’t we be living our beliefs? Then I thought of how dichotomous my thoughts vs. actions are: I will openly say that I do not believe in consequence yet my first inclination is to wonder how or why something came to pass.  I say that limits are imaginary and impossible is a matter of opinion, then curse weight or money for holding me back in certain ways.  Do you see the trend?  What would happen if I began to truly live my beliefs?  It is always my intention to, but old habits die hard and this new life built entirely on faith is a difficult one to lead. Well, its only difficult because every day I must let go of something old I thought was true.  This series of unlearning is all about letting go and letting be, and that is what changes our world, that and standing in our Known truth and a congruent life.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?

A perfect depiction of Part II.  I talked to Caro last night and told her about the reading and she asked me if I believed any of it.  I told her that I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already Know.  She asked how to reconcile readings with Catholicism. I told her I was taught that readings only give you back the energy that exist at the present moment.  I still believe in divine will, but this blog is proof that the things I heard saturday are really not far off from the things I have predicted for myself.  Perhaps that is why I could recognize it as true.

So right here, right now, where I stand is in a place where I am spreading my roots in Knowing.  I meditate. I visualize. I dismiss negative thoughts, and I work to do everything from love. I constantly correct my language because it is a snapshot of my thoughts and those are projections of my energy.  I work and work and work on me and staying close to god and everything falls into place.  That is my present reality.  I believe that it will only get better, I will only become more centered and clear.  And I will live in a way to ensure that.

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