Seeing is believing is seeing

A few months ago I was watching the 20th anniversary of the Oprah show dvds, and melting over how many lives she has been able to touch. On one dvd she had a segment dedicated specifically to weight and she shared her story along with stories of many others and the one thing they all had in common was visualization. Many of them cited seeing themselves fit, thin, or however before they actually even made any changes. That sight (purely in their mind’s eye) is what helped them stay motivated.

This concept is not at all foreign to me, I think I’ve been doing it for years before I even knew what it was. And after watching The Secret and Oprah I was just reminded of its power. I decorated my entire room in Tennessee orange, I cut up the admissions brochure and saw myself at the library, on the pedestrian mall, at the football games, etc. All months before I was actually accepted to the university. I didn’t know what San Diego was like but I imagined my life here. I dreamed my job and my group of friends, and even my weekends before I got here. There are other instances, but it just shows me how important it is to see things and believe in your sight.

I was talking to P2AK yesterday about men and she said she knew she had to be patient, but like many of us…we get caught up in what (or who) is in front of us at the time. I don’t know where it came from but I told her to be expectant of someone wonderful. And she said expectations bring disappointment, and I amended; be expectant of God, not man.  That’s when it clicked for me. When we pray we are supposed to surrender our prayers and then be expectant of their fulfillment, that is visualization!

When I see something, some place, some one in my life that is me seeing my prayers come to fruition. People praying for fitness, or new jobs, or even life partners start to see it and do not give up on their sight because it feels so tangible, its just there if we keep on believing.

After that talk, I felt rejuvenated. As though whenever I could see something, I mean truly see it and believe in its existence then it could be mine. It was like the brightest sunrise over the dawn horizon. When things do not come to pass, maybe its because we don’t believe enough and we give in to doubt. Or maybe it wasn’t meant…but I think we really only dream what is possible (and all things are).

So I decided to pick three dreams and begin to really dedicate my energy to them wholeheartedly:
1. Love.
2. Travel.
3. Freedom from financial burden.

I do want a partner in this life, and it would be amazing if he were here to help me get through this dissertation, but I will take it when it comes. I want to travel so badly its starting to hurt lol. This fishbowl is too small. And finances are tricky. Its coming though.

And while losing weight could be on my list…its not. And not because I don’t want it but just because I want those three more. I guess it just doesn’t feel dire enough? And its always fitness over vanity. I’d much rather run 10 miles than be a size 10. So maybe fitness is dream #4. 

I told Jenn the other day to walk confidently in the direction of her dreams. And it appears I am taking that advice myself.


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