Scribbles in reason

I was reading one of my best friend’s blogs, she’s such an amazing writer, and she had a new blog design. When we speak (she lives in VA) we talk about this world that many people are only proximally familiar with. They may read blogs or even write one…sometimes…on occasions…when the mood strikes. But we two are self and community proclaimed Bloggers.

As I was reading her latest entry I got to thinking about why she started, and then why I started. And how through the healing power of words and a supportive community we were both able to navigate through extremely troubled waters.

Along the way I have hurt people. I have mentioned friends, family members, boyfriends and they took offense to my words. I am talking too much and on the internet no less. I apologize for the hurt, but never the words. I speak my truth. I never intend to hurt or harm and truthfully if I write about someone in my life, it is in reference to them, and everyone knows I write. Isn’t that just an occupational hazard?

The thing is…Aeschylus was right, “words are the physician of a mind diseased.” So I am sorry for anyone I have hurt, but I am not sorry for healing. For getting better, stronger, more confident, more certain. For not thinking negatively every hour of everyday. The only thing that kept me here were the words. I will never be sorry for them, I am forever indebted to them.

I suppose that I continued because it centers me. Its the only place that is mine and though I invite people in, at dawn and dusk its only me. Its my altar and my sanctuary.

I want to write professionally, but I do not know if it will stem from this place, from Sincerely, Jess.  I mean it took me nearly four years to even share consistently on facebook. But I realize as much as this place is mine, its not for me. It is for all of us.

So in closing, a thank you. For reading. For commenting (I love them).  For linking and sharing with friends. For having me guest post. For walking with me on my journeys. For encouraging me. I am forever indebted to you as well.

And that is why I write.

2 thoughts on “Scribbles in reason

  1. You are making me blush!!! You are so sweet.
    You wrote my thoughts exactly here; this blogging world is so misunderstood if you are not in it, but so necessary if you are.
    You are a truly amazing writer and I know that professional writing is in your future. I can not wait to buy this book. 🙂

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