Acoustic Up


When I searched my soul for words to describe my right now, all I could do was close my eyes and search heaven.

Certain of who I’m not, I walk towards the unknown believing wholeheartedly that my steps are ordered. Seeking no more lessons or characters but instead rolling each second across the tongue tasting the muscadine bitter and sweet.

Positions and power do not tempt me but oh the opportunity to live acoustically, without the noise of temptation or placated ease better known as pleasing. I open my eyes to the sash of the hunter Orion, knowing that my journey is only just beginning.

Home is not where I left it, and nor is it here. If, then, it shelters my heart I must go where I am called to reunite with it. I suppose it all will be waiting for me there.

Oh what a place to reside, in the quiet autumn hollow just past fear.


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