Oh honey, you’re in trouble

There’s a lot of things I could be writing about at 3am. Graduation was yesterday for the class of 2013 and a lot of my San Diego friends will be leaving soon. The 2nd year of my doctoral program is over, research possibilities are sprouting up all over the place… but instead I need to write about, what else, a guy.

The thought that keeps coming up, or rather the feeling is, I just want to take care of him. That’s something new. Spiritually, emotionally, physically I want him to be cared for.

I sometimes think its crazy that I (think) I knew the first time we met that we fit in a capacity beyond the one we were in, and beyond the one we’ve explored. Is it weird that I knew? She says preemptively…as, to date, nothing has come of us. I just have a feeling. And I trust my feelings.

But then, that is a dance meant for two…I wonder if he knows? Knew?


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