Infinite gratitude

It is one of those days…
One of those days where every time your mind is not “doing” then you say Thank You. I don’t want to go into my story, but I will say that my money management skills have vastly improved. Not only that but I’ve been working so hard ad building my credit, I seriously thought it was beyond repair and that I’d be 35 before I was able to afford things on my own. So today is a big day for me, I drove off the lot with a new car.


Having to stop by my office to pick something up, I took into consideration my life…I am in a doctoral program at my top choice school. I moved with no money and no idea what I was getting myself into, 3000 miles to begin this adventure. My school is beautiful and the people I work with are by and large, warm and supportive. I’ve gotten to teach, I’ve gotten to learn, I’ve often to travel to both South America and Jamaica. I met the Dalai Lama. In a matter of hours I will meet Oprah and Dr. Brené Brown. Who’s life am I living?

My grandmother told me I should turn my blog into a book. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, but it certainly meant a lot more coming from her than most. When I look at things in perspective, perhaps I really (really) should. I have been blessed. Immensely. And not because of the stuff, but also the people the experiences, and the way it has made me a better person. A more intentional person, and certainly a more appreciative person. God has been good to me. I just can’t stop saying Thanks. It’s just…divine.

So many things that shouldn’t have worked out, have. So many things that should have set me back, pushed me to the spotlight. So many things I thought I didn’t deserve, I was offered explicitly. It really goes to show how, the things that are meant for us ARE OURS. Period. No one and nothing can take from you, keep from you, nor rob you of that which God has deemed yours. It’s enough to send chills in my entire body. And the two syllable prayer…Thank You.


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