Jessica J.

A note before bed…

Dear Self,

It is okay to feel. The things that will hurt you will not destroy you. You are a survivor. Literally. It is okay to love. In fact, I urge you to open yourself fully to it; give it like rain to budding blossoms and receive it like sunshine on soft skin. Do this not despite of your past heartbreaks, but because of them. Do not be ashamed because of your pain, it is evidence of a willing heart. May you always be willing.

imageIt is okay to be great. To seek greatness. To believe you deserve it. You do. It is also okay to fail. Take the lesson and find even the smallest thing to say “Thank You” for…and do not stop until your ache feels anointed. It is okay to be silly. To laugh too loudly. To dance to music no one can hear. To sing in public with your headphones on. To fall down. To get up. To wear white after Labor Day. And to not. To jump. To stand still. To want someone to stand still with…and if he never comes to know you are never alone.

If you never learn yoga, may you still know peace. If you never run a mile, may you still feel strong. If you never make a million dollars, may you feel the wealth of Grace Joy and the comfort of acceptance. If you are never a mother, may you nurture others with care concern and tenderness. If none of your dreams you have for yourself come to pass…let them go and love the life you have lived.

You are a beautiful soul. Do well to remember that.


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