Permission Slips

**A post I did for work (about school)…it applies to life though**

SOLES Admissions and Outreach

I was on the brink and I think everyone could tell. I silently wished myself away into Zachary’s office to talk to him but he was missing. I needed to plan out my class I was set to teach in two short hours and the curriculum was frustrating me.  So I walked away from it. And there he was in the hallway, I was not sure where he came from nor did I particularly care, I was relieved.  He asked, “Do you need to talk?” I said, “I need to plan” and then followed him for a chat.

HumptyDumpty-1The outcome of our conversation was that I was doing a lot of suppressing and not enough addressing.  I told him I was not happy with my performance as a student this semester but it felt like with all the energy I was spending just trying to keep it together, I didn’t have…

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