The one she was tired of writing

And suddenly I found myself back again, one month away. Planning a reunion. Accidentally on purpose. And I would pull you into me. I would kiss you, and I wouldn’t stop. I feel myself crying into you. Telling you I can endure anything if at the end it means this.

I feel my stomach fill with butterflies. My hands reach for yours and you let them be found. We fit in all the ways and the past melts away if only for right now. We love each other and in those moments where the past and future are irrelevant, we exist blissfully.

I wish I could stop time and be only here. But “here” is there and it’s all in my imagination. And I’m crying again. As I have been for weeks because I love you. You’re the love of my life and I miss you so much things don’t make sense without you. It feels dramatic. I’m dramatic. It’s what you once said you loved about me. One of the things.

I just don’t know where it went. If it left…where did it go and can I send mine away too? So I could stop crying. Unless you’re going to show up and let me hold you while you kiss me, I wish it all would just disappear.

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