Moon and night sky

I always feel prettiest at night. In moonlight; though I’d swear to anyone I was the sun. Bare. Clean. No make up. No lotions. No perfumes or Bobby pins. No cute little outfit just a simple grey gown. Nothing that shows off my figure. Nothing that’s particularly stunning. Muted. Maybe, but not understated. I feel beautiful like this.

One day, I thought, some man will see this beautiful version of me daily. Perhaps he will anticipate her arrival. The time of day when his lover has taken off her cool and dwells only in her imperfections. Happily so. He will love her as I love her.

This version of me this clean version bathed in love and lunar possibility is very quiet but not silent. She speaks volumes with her smile or her eyes. Her thoughts leap from physics to philosophy, the golden age to time yet to pass. She’s still water. Typically equipped with a subtle smile, she is endlessly curious about the world around her and hypothesizes theory after theory about the whys and hows. Every moment a new discovery, she is an explorer.

Curled up in soft blankets smooth across our skin we live to be loved. Under moonlight, when the world has gone quiet and safety cannot readily be seen, what do you reach for? She reaches for comfort and prays that one day he reaches for her. Oh please deliver me a love who reaches for me when my touch has gone missing from his embrace.

Let’s trade secrets she’ll ask him. Wondering if there’s any stone in the river of her Love that has gone unturned. He will kiss her forehand and play along for as long as she lasts and then they will fall. She in her beauty, moonlight glow and him the night sky to hold her.


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