Moment of Truth

“Have I told you I’m a writer?” It is the test. I’ve only told two of them. One…was short lived and this one will be too. The reaction is everything. I sit back. I wait. I listen to their stories, dreams, jokes, and I share very little of myself. They rarely notice. You’d be surprised how long people can go on talking about themselves. Or maybe you wouldn’t. It’s a long time. Only exacerbated by the space I allow. Space to collect my thoughts and judge the environment.

“Oh you are? I hate writing.” “Oh you are? I write too.” “Oh you are? I should pick the habit up too.” Perhaps I am overly sensitive. I am not talking about habits or something I do. I am telling you who I am. I am married to metaphor, wed to words, I liaise with lyric and partner with prose. This isn’t a hobby. I won’t outgrow it. I do not try for it. I am it. It’s one of the most intimate things I could share with someone. And the reaction…it tells me everything.


2 thoughts on “Moment of Truth

  1. You are a writer. It is clear in every syllable you place on the page.

    Isn’t it interesting how easily people can make “you” about “them”? And without even realizing it. Also interesting how little thought people give to the use of the words “I am”. That is a state of being, not a state of doing. Yet it gets inserted everywhere, as opposed to “I feel”, “I do”, “I want” etc. But if it were paid more attention, it would be clear that you are sharing something intimate in that moment.

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