Swan Song

I want to worry less.
I want to wake up every morning giving thanks.
I want to take time to listen to God.
I want to tell myself a different story about myself.
–I am open.
–I am trusting.
–I welcome intimacy.
–I value the pruning process.
–I am patient.
–I love fully.
–I do not fear ends, for they are beginnings in disguise.
I want to embrace all that I am, talents flaws and everything in between.
I want to dress for confidence not compliments.
I want to live in accordance with purpose not popularity.
I want to ebb my craving for instant gratification.
I want a partner to be a witness to my life as I bear witness to theirs.
I want peace; so that my heart hums harmoniously with my hands.
I want to cry freely when tears need escaping.
I want my skin to become hot with anger.
I want to kiss passionately.
I want to make love under an endless blanket of glittering midnight.
I want to take care of my family.
I want to allow my family to take care of themselves.
I want to be strong.
I want to fall apart.
I want to see the world and taste it’s flavors.
I want to birth a child and watch her grow.
I want a home filled with memories comfort and good food.
I want to get laugh lines and throw my head back once a day.
I want to hold hands.
I want to share blankets.
I want to write books filled with words and tears on the pages.
I want to dance this life so that with my last breath I can whisper, “It was perfect.”

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