Sweet Dreams

Too baited to dream with eyes open I find myself praying for slumber. Let me sleep from now until the time comes. Let me wish for your hands laced with mine. Let me hope for the words that signal commencement. Let it be in dreams that come.

In my waking I remember. My head reminds me of the first fight and the fifteenth. Don’t trust. Don’t fall. Don’t hope. Don’t dare. You have infinite reasons to run. To hide. To avoid.


In slumber my heart soars. It remembers the first time and the fifteenth, butterflies. Give in. Wish hard. Love fully. Remain open. You have everything to gain. Follow me, I know the way. Come out. Stand in the sunshine.

Being awake scares me. It overwhelms me. When I’m awake my expectations of losing you yet again wrap tightly around my neck and threaten to constrict. So let me sleep. Safe and sound and in love, nestled entirely with the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it’s time.


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