Quick before I forget…

1. An acknowledgement of my current physical condition: hot. I am literally on fire. Sweating, hands shaking, tears escaping my eyes my body is alive with energy. I cannot recall ever trying to write or be cohesive during a feeling like this but if I don’t write it right now I may lose something and I can’t afford that.

2. This is for Terri, and Zachary, Naia, Emma, and any other speakers of the universal language. I heard it there.

Critics won’t like this movie. They will tear it apart.  It’s too long, it falls flat, it is not as beautiful as Gravity or as heart-wrenching as Armageddon. They will tell you all the things it does not do in comparison with other movies which promote the same old thing over and over again. And they are not wrong.  This isn’t a review, or even a critique of the movie, this is about a message in a film which resonated so deeply with me that it moved me to speak now.

I always said if I had it all to do over again I would study religion or physics. Which are, in my mind, invariably the same thing. Laws and theories wrapped around a best attempt to explain the inexplicable unknown.  Religion calls it heaven or nirvana, physics calls it space and all we really know is it is the physical representation of the vastness which exists beyond our current realm.

There were two striking things to me. One, a monologue by Dr. Brand played by Anne Hathaway where she explained the gravitational pull of love which did not diminish or weaken over time nor distort throughout space.  In fact, she asserted that “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.” Cooper, Matthew McConaughey’s character would later find this to be true and he would find love as a means of communication through time using it’s gravity; in fact, banking on it.  Watching this, my body was not sure how to react first.  Hot, I removed the blanket which had been draped over me keeping me warm for the previous 90 minutes.  Suddenly it was suffocating me.  I fully understood what was being portrayed on the screen. This talk of a fifth dimension. This idea that love was a vessel to communicate a way for future past and present to become irrelevant and collide with one another.  It was clairvoyance synchronicity and deja vu all at the same time.  I also knew that could feel people’s disappointment in the theater.  My reaction was abnormal but here it was, the secrets of the universe in some respect being spelled out for us in living color, and here we were  the vast majority checking cell phones and wishing there had been more action.

My mind was racing, is racing.  How do I know what song is going to be on the pandora station when I turn it on?  How can you visualize a parking space on a monday morning? Is it intention? What if intention is a present-tense mechanism for making sense of this communication from the future?  What we call the future….because really, time is relative right? Time is a tool for understanding but it is not absolute. We know this as we just shifted time across the united states one hour to explain a shortened day.  It is able to be manipulated, and what if the us that existed, that will exist and the us that is right now are constantly speaking to one another through various ways? Namely love. Why love? because of its transcendent power!

I don’t know if I’m making sense at all, but in my head and really all over the whole of me I know that today I saw something that I have seen before and simultaneously I have been trying to tell myself all along.  It is why when you meet someone you feel an energy.  An energy that was not just created in that moment, that is impossible according to Newton, similarly that energy does not dissipate once you part from this person.  Cloud Atlas explained the energetic connection through various iterations of several different beings over time. Buddhists and those others who believe in reincarnation may agree.  What I posit, and to be honest what was gleaned from Interstellar is that what if the beings are not different, what if they are us? And what if our understanding of time we have flattened into one is really three, and they overlap?  Continually interacting with one another.   Engaging with one another.  And what if presence is really sitting in the now both hands open to hold past and future with equal measure?  Not disregarding them, but embodying all at the same time?


3 thoughts on “Quick before I forget…

  1. Wow! You have a lot on your mind and even though I imagined you gushing, you make absolute sense to me. I need time to digest all that you said, before I attempt a response to your posting. However, I may never say more than I am right now. Some things should exist to force us into moments of reflection such that which you just did.

    One last thing… I’m going to see this movie really soon thanks to you.

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