I am, or oft have the tendency to be dramatic, consuming, and perpetually over dressed. Saturday while wedding dress shopping with a dear friend of mine my personality, which if not careful can fill a room, bubbled and spilled all over the bridal salon. The result was the store manager suggesting that I come work for them during the holiday season.  I hear things like this too often for it to be rare, yet not frequently enough for me to seriously pay attention to. I let it sit with me for a while.

The truth was I had no intention of going back to retail, nor did I have the time to. Well, yes, I did have the time but my hope (as it always is) is that I will research and write my dissertation with my free time. This upcoming winter break specifically as I transition out of the classroom and into full-time writer (scary!).

However, it did get me thinking about next steps.  I wrote the following comment on my Facebook wall: FullSizeRenderI wrote it before I fully even processed what I meant by it or what it could mean for myself.  As “likes” started to pop up, I gave the thought more consideration. Would it be possible for me to actually make a living out of helping people, women to begin with, grow into the people they are called to be working from the inside-outside-in?  Let me explain that last part. So as I thought through logistically how this might all work I got to the number 6.  One less than the number of completion because we are always becoming and thus never complete. So six weeks, three weeks or 21 days of inside work, affirmations, intention setting, clearing, manifesting and then the outside. Why the “make-over” in the middle? Because I think people need to see change to believe it. And sometimes we dress the part before we can truly fill the shoes. Its kind of like dressing for the job you want. And its not about trends and labels, it is about being able to see the you that calls most deeply. Whatever that looks like, and being able to step forward feeling and looking like your best self.  The last three weeks would be the beginning of living as that being.  Really transitioning people into being able to do this work on their own. Ask themselves the questions, and demand of themselves the answers.

It wasn’t cemented, but it was a beginning. It was a start of me seeing something concrete that utilized the things that come most naturally to me and are most fulfilling to me.  Connecting with people. Facilitating transition. Empowerment.  And style.

In my own journey nothing quite hallmarked my inner-growth like wearing that bikini this summer. Or the jean shorts. Finally feeling at home in my skin versus at war with my body was everything for me. And being able to be the woman outwardly that I felt inwardly brought such a peace that it’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it.  Congruence. So maybe I can make this my life.  I mean, I wouldn’t have imagined it if it were not possible.  Right? Imagination is the blueprint.

4 thoughts on “Life+Style

  1. Hey, who knows what will come of it? Greater things have come from less. Additionally, As I read your post, I thought I recognized a fellow Clinical PSYD Candidate in your writing style and world choices. Would I be correct in that assumption?

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