Day 4: Relax

It was a perfect day. Quite literally, it was one of those days where people would take photos to be made into post cards selling the Southern California dream. Eighty degrees and a slight breeze, clear blue water and shady Palm trees, yesterday was perfect. 

I started off with a manicure. Actually I started off with a shower. I always feel the need to have my legs perfectly smooth when I get a pedicure. I feel it’s the least I can do as someone graciously agrees to get my toes in order. So I showered. I put on one of my favorite maxi dresses and tied a knot in the bottom–you know the kind of knot you tie when you suddenly find yourself walking along the beach and don’t want your dress to get sandy or wet? Then I headed over to my favorite nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. Next I headed up north to Ted’s for a massage he gifted me. Let me say two things about that, one is that Ted is amazing (and not just because of the gift) but because of his thoughtfulness. I am continually impressed by men who pay attention. Actually I am continually impressed by people who pay attention, but especially men. One of my favorite things about him is when you’re having a conversation and suddenly get interrupted by something, say the waiter comes or you have to cross the street, as soon as the distraction is gone he picks back up, “so you were saying about your…” He always remembers right where we were and wants to go back to it. The second is that his generosity is never without intention, which I love. It is not haphazard or ostentatious. It is thoughtful and well meaning and always from a place of love. I continually tell him what a blessing his friendship has been to me. 

So I got a massage. My first one ever and it was amazing. I am pretty sure I fell asleep I was so relaxed and the masseur worked out kinks and knots in my shoulders (weight of the world) and back (concern over provision). I’ve honestly never felt better. It could also be that sometimes you just need someone to touch you. With some intention and purpose for your betterment and for your healing. I fully believe in the art (and science) of Chinese medicine. And our body energy and flow cannot be ignored. I feel like a new person after that massage. 

Next, I headed down south to shower and get ready for dinner with Ted and Elizabeth. We were going to Mister A’s because they were one of the few places in the city that was selling foie gras. Note, the delicacy has been illegal in California for some time and the ban was just recently lifted. It seems, though, some restaurants are still iffy on incorporating it into their menus. So, after a few drinks and an Uber ride we arrive at the restaurant fashionably late, which is perpetually our style, and sit for dinner. And while the food was certainly delicious–I ate everything on my plate including three pieces of bread a foie gras appetizer and multiple glasses of wine–the conversation was better. 

I love having good conversations with people. I will note that we were so engaged with one another that we did not even comment on the view, which is the reason people even go to this restaurant. We were fully present with one another and it was magnificent. The conversation spanned from joy to love to expectations, to energy to travel to art. It was perfect. After each of our respective bathroom breaks and three hours of one another’s company we got up to leave. Hugging and saying our thanks and deciding to do it again. 

As I woke up this morning after a great nights sleep, something I hadn’t had in a while, I smiled in remembering last night. There’s a reason days like that don’t happen everyday, it’s the law of relativity. But man am I ever so grateful when they happen. It reminds me of what great people I have in my life, which makes me proud of who I am. My accomplishments do not do that, my bank account doesn’t do that, nothing makes me prouder than the people I surround myself with. So it was a day of relaxation but it was also a day filled with honor. Honoring myself. Honoring those in my life. Honoring the spirit and love and connection. It was a delicious day. 


One thought on “Day 4: Relax

  1. I am on the East Coast with a wide grin smile. I love the post. I felt as If I was there like a fly on the wall watching you all enjoy a great day together. Cheers for sharing my friend. That is what ‘thriving’ is truly about! Enjoy.

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