Hello Fear 

I’m talking directly to you, Fear. 

What would happen if I’m not as exceptional as I’ve always believed myself to be? If I never publish a book. Have speaking engagements. Begin to drink too much and become the girl everyone thought would do so much swallowed up in the quicksand of mediocrity. Or worse, failure. 

It’s a step I have to take alone. You’ve made that abundantly clear. And whenever God asks me to trust, the reward is greater than any pleasure I could’ve imagined. That is the request now, and yet here I am in bed with you, Fear. 

Playing small and hiding. I’ve got more fight in me. If I just keep believing in myself. I’m going to have to work harder than I’ve ever worked before. But I cannot fear that. I will be uncomfortable. I will be vulnerable. I will be unsettled. But I will be in my walk and if I just keep the focus there…

I will not lose. 


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