A sprinkling of Grace

in the eye of the storm she sits 

Doubt threatens to steal her breath

What if your dreams never come to pass 

What if the light you had grows dimmer by the day shaded from hurt

What if all the things you thought you were are but mere fantasy

What if builds a prison keeping her trapped there in the eye. 

She closes her eyes and tears fall. 

Reaching out her hands looking for another to hold, but no comfort is found in their touch 

So she holds herself. Which is what she was always meant to do in this moment. 

She wraps her arms around herself and cries as she begins to sing. 

She sings a broken song through sobs and salt water. A song she only just now knows the words to. 

And she rocks herself to the place that feels better than sleep: contentment. 

Laying on her right side she curls into herself and makes a promise 

Everything is going to be alright. 

And she believes it with her whole heart. 

It is the pillow she rests her head on while the madness continues to swirl around her. 

She may only have it for a moment, a breath or two, but while she has it 

She is thankful for even just a sprinkling of grace. 


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