Law of J and Konservation 

I never imagined this day without you. It was true, I hadn’t. And in preparing myself to transition out of and into various stages and roles. I revisit you. 

If women could recall the sensation of pain, the world would cease to exist. We are built to forgive it. To become strangers to it almost the instant the threat passes. Our minds cling to hold our memories to the stove eye because we’ve been hurting so long we don’t understand ourselves without anguish. My reflection in the mirror permanently distorted as I meet her often with tear soaked vision. 

Why were we fighting again? 

Who is mad at whom again? 

I couldn’t recall the origins of chaos only smell the burning of scorched earth between us. 

I never imagined this day and in some ways this day was made possible by seeds you planted. Your faith in me was catching as soon I began to believe in myself–quite fiercely. 

Despite all our dead ends and splintered branches, I wanted you there. I still do. In a new way for old times sake. Because there will always be love. It’s only energy and energy can’t be destroyed. There will always be love, Krell. But never the same love twice. Attraversiamo, let’s cross over? 

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