The Scarlett Johanssoning of Grace Jones

Halloween is coming. And rather than that eliciting excitement and child-like joy at promise of publicly acceptable cosplay and free sugary treats, I’m holding my breath waiting for some celebrity PR statement claiming they didn’t know Blackface (or other forms of cultural appropriation/insensitivity) was still unacceptable in this here post-Racial America. Last night, innocently enough … More The Scarlett Johanssoning of Grace Jones

Blood on the leaves

Southern trees bear a strange fruit–I have been intentional about not posting about the current events nor my feelings in relation to them. Partly because I did not wish to feel it, and partly because I do not want to release anymore negative energy into an already woeful America.  However, when I woke up this … More Blood on the leaves


Here at the intersection of my various identities, I hear with my Black ear, I want to respond with my Higher Education academic voice, embrace with my Southern arms and comfort with my feminine heart. I wonder what it means to be at the university where as I walked back from a meeting, I saw … More Black.

The Morning After

Though admittedly I was not as emotional watching this election, nor was I as nervous about the outcome should my preferred candidate lose, it was still wonderful to see President Barack Obama be re-elected. As I watched the election results, however, I had the words of two other Black men on my mind. One of … More The Morning After

Racism in California

Last night in a bar over bourbons, I got what Terri would call “hooked.” I was talking with two friends of mine about the difference in racism as it is in the south versus here in southern California. I explained that in my experience, racism in the south was a lot more open and overt … More Racism in California