Lovers Love Jazz

I’ve loved Chicago since Darius and Nina. Never smoked a cigarette, but I would if love and poetry called for it. Crisp white shirt and a soft worn leather jacket, dressed in twists and intrigue. Spill my soul on a mic to perfect strangers, tell them about him and us. I haven’t craved a man … More Lovers Love Jazz

In vino veritas

The last few times I’ve gone out with my people here, inevitably one of the girls in the group finds a sir and decides to take him home.  Now, I’m not judging, but it always puts me in an awkward position because I am not sure whether to referee or let be.  Back home if … More In vino veritas


Blog browsing the other night lead me to my friend Lucy’s latest post, “Take control of your body (naked part 3)” and her thoughts on sex, sexual health, and celibacy.  I found it  pretty ironic because a post about the latter had been marinating in my head for about two weeks.  I’d decided that I … More Kept

Coloring :-/

I really miss coloring. Nothing like a nice…crayon…to put a smile on a girls face. Especially if you love the crayon. I mean not saying that you have to love it. Sometimes a girl just needs to color. Just for the fun of it… Gimme a capri sun and the occasional snack and I can … More Coloring :-/

No denying

I was talking to a friend of mine today about sex…and in specific how you can’t deny what turns you on.  This came up innocently enough as I was discussing how Deeds is reserved in response. He’s a slow responder mainly because he’s so curious in nature. His curiosity is perhaps one of his top … More No denying