Becoming Dr. Williams

The night before my dissertation defense, I laid in my bed crying enduring panic attack after panic attack. I had received a text message from Zachary who had been something like an Angelo Dundee during the process for me, “Breathe. Get it done”. In between reading comments and making changes I would massage my aching … More Becoming Dr. Williams

A Supposedly Straight Woman’s Process for Grieving after Orlando

My name is Jessica. I recently graduate with my doctoral degree so, in some spaces it is also likely that I am referred to as Doctor Williams. I am 5’9″ with an undercut and kinky, curly natural Black hair atop my head. I weigh somewhere between 250-350 lbs at any given time depending on what … More A Supposedly Straight Woman’s Process for Grieving after Orlando

Holy Grail

You’d been on my mind. Moments after our conversation ended, I bit the inside of my cheek. Stay here. I urged myself, knowing that I have the tendency to float away on clouds of what-ifs. Fabi said to me, “I have something for you.” I opened the card, a Ketubah tree. It was beautiful with twisted … More Holy Grail


…and you’ll go write about it in your journal I felt the words pierce my skin and chill me. When I woke up the exchange still lingered and a pervasive cold clouded my sunshine all day until I stared the storm in the eye.  When I realized it wasn’t those words, specifically, that hurt so … More Closets

Done. Did.

I was reflecting on the past five years of my life. The past five years that I have poured myself fully into pursuing my doctorate. The past five years where I have experienced some of the lowest lows: Break-ups Miscarriage Debt Theft Friendships Ended Loss of Loved Ones Sexual Assault More debt PTSD Anxiety Depression … More Done. Did.

Black Oceans. 

Watching the offering that was Lemonade stirred up all the earth that had settled at the bottom of my sea. Gold flecks caught the attention of the moonlight and whispered to me that maybe it was time to reveal my treasures. Your value, said Osun, is more prismatic than light.  Ebony skin smoothed and slick like … More Black Oceans.