Pieces of wisdom for my Future Progeny 

My dearest loves, 

Always remember, if nothing else, that I love you now and I love you still. I always have and I always will. And while we’re on the subject…


  • Play outside 
  • Get dirty 
  • Go on adventures, in your boots or in your books
  • Cry when it hurts. Stop when it doesn’t. 
  • Spin in circles until you get dizzy and fall down
  • Color outside the lines if you want to
  • Share with your siblings 
  • Share with your friends
  • Take good care of your things
  • Always say thank you
  • Eat fruit
  • No sodas! 

School Days

  • Always carry extra supplies in case someone needs it. 
  • Don’t let anyone sit alone at lunch
  • Don’t do the same thing everyday at recess
  • Love what you love; girls can kick butt at science and boys can be great at art
  • Always ask for help if you need it 
  • Always use proper titles for your teachers (Mr. Miss or Mrs. Or Dr.) 
  • Try out for a sport
  • Drink water
  • Have breakfast before school


  • You can always come home
  • Choose a major you love, don’t worry about career just yet
  • Stay single; date but don’t seriously commit (you’re not going to listen to this)
  • Never ever drink and drive 
  • Keep at least $50 in your account at all times
  • If all you’re going to do is binge drink and party, go to the college that’s most free
  • Never wear a short skirt to a Que party 
  • Also, don’t trust Que Oil
  • Don’t send nudes you don’t want shared. Everybody shares them. 
  • Take road trips
  • Have a one night stand