The Morning After

Though admittedly I was not as emotional watching this election, nor was I as nervous about the outcome should my preferred candidate lose, it was still wonderful to see President Barack Obama be re-elected. As I watched the election results, however, I had the words of two other Black men on my mind. One of … More The Morning After


As I watched our First Lady, Michelle Obama, deliver what is arguably one of the most heartfelt, endearing, and riveting speeches in recent history I started to cry for three reasons. 1…as I attended our SOLES welcome back reception for new and returning students and I mixed and mingled, Dr. Green approached me gently reminding … More Grace

I feel how I look

bitten from Deeds…but damn, doesn’t our First Family look spectacular? 99 problems but a..Michelle ain’t one, dang I got sucked into Boondocks tomfoolery her skin is immaculate! I mean…that can’t be just regular old cocoa butter!Puedo ser su presidente, mi amor? This makes my front porch look like the slave quarters You just don’t smile … More I feel how I look

FAILure Friday

The following things/people get the Almighty Every hater, especially those in and of the Fox “News” Network who decided that President Barack Obama was supposed to change the whole damn nation in 100 days.  I mean seriously I’m not a Bush-basher but he had 8 years (thats 365 days x 6 years+ 366 days x … More FAILure Friday


Sorry I had to re-post…tell me how can you see this picture and not believe in love. Not believe that there is one person out there meant to bring out the best in you-to challenge you, support you, care for and cater to you.  How can you honestly look at either President or First Lady … More Waiting

the 44th

Nothing can steal my joy today. I’m too proud to be an American. A Black American. A member of the Youth of America. A Woman in America. A Black Woman in America. Just PROUD.