Sixty something days…

391722_10101049817898405_318909765_nI chopped my hair off on September 30th. Like…all of it. I had maybe half an inch of hair and I wish I’d taken the photo with my hand in it so you could see how there was NO WAY to put my hands IN my hair. I wrote about this and I’ve been getting messages from natural hair enthusiasts congratulating me and validating my decision. I chuckle because I’ve been completely chemical/relaxer free for 4 years now..

In any case here we are two months later and I’ve posted virtually NO updates about my hair growth. c'est moiWell…last month was a bit anticlimactic.  I also nearly forgot and the only picture I have is one I snapped at work one random day when trying to get my webcam set up.   I’m not smiling and I look mean…but whatever its supposed to be about the hair, right? Anyway, so here I am bare-faced with lipgloss (my usz) and completely confused about what to do with my hair, so what I was doing was washing it at night, brushing it back and tying it down.  I was essentially giving myself a fro-y helmet.  Awesome. I started going back to natural hair blogging sites to read what other BC-ers did and were doing to not get bored with their looks.  I eventually ended up going back to wigs when I got bored because, well…there’s not much that can happen when your hair is an inch or so long.

FxCam_1354897738242_edit0But then *bells and whistles*  IT GREW! I seriously feel like this happened over night. I was sitting on my couch watching TV when I started twirling my hair around my finger mindlessly. It was then that I realized I was twirling my hair around my finger!  I twisted my hair up in two strand twists and actually wore the twists out one day! Then the next day decided I hated how I looked with the twists and deleted all ocular evidence.  In any case, its growing. My mom remarked that my hair has always grown pretty fast. The thing that excites me, well the three things are:


wash and go (before BC)

1.  My hair is growing back straight up 4C hair.  This is fine with me–because last time it was such a mixture of curl patterns (3C in back and 4C in crown) and honestly even if its 4c, I’ll take it because it seems to be much more uniform this year than it ever has been before.

2. It is certainly not thin or “whispy”. One of the reasons I hated twists before was because my hair was SO thin and when I did twists they were always scalpy and awful looking. This time, I did twists and I didn’t hate it (until the day after) mostly because it looked full! The thing that I really loved about the twist was the day after twistOUT! It was amazeballs, but my hair was dirty and needed to be washed. That hasn’t changed. My hair still requires washing 2x/week at LEAST or it is not happy.

3. I love that I BC’d after already being natural because I know how much heat-damage sucks so I’m staying away from it.

Me in a lace front

Me in a lace front

When I want straight hair, I’ll throw a wig on. Furthermore, I know what products work best for me. I know not to spend a ton of money on all the things other people say works for them, etc. I have coconut oil, and some KCKT. I shampoo/condition with Organix coconut milk and that is IT. I do want to get some honey and ACV because my hair loves those when the air is dry, but I am content. It works and since I’ve already done the mid-length thing I’ll know what to do when I get there. I have to say, I love where it is right now though. Short is so easy, but I do miss my big curly fro. I’ll be happy when I get back there…but no rush. No rush.

Trigger happy, gun shy

Some of you know last November I chopped my hair (again) and vowed to straighten it minimally and not to cut it for an entire year ( I tend to be very scissor happy).  Here’s some documentation:

November 28, 2010 after the big snip!

Aug 28, 2011 just shy of the one year mark and check the growth!

Good hair right? So then yesterday I got fed up with my tangling ends and though I was gun shy about cutting I knew I needed to not hold on to those ends and that it was best for my hair to cut a bit (a bit) so here are those results:

I washed my hair the night before and pulled it back in a ponytail so that it dried semi straight. I woke the next morning and this was the result (I did this to avoid blow drying and thus extra heat). Definite before!


This was after! Bone straight just so I could check the length and see absolutely NO frizzy brittle ends sticking out. Not this is w/ no product (save heat protectant) and my hair was shiny. I was very pleased.

After I curled it a bit. By this time my arms were tired LOL, but I managed to curl some of the layers I cut. I think I did a pretty good job considering I can't see the back of my head!!! I've gotten better with scissors just because of my affinity for using them. #JFZ

You can't see as much of the color from the front (which I'm okay with--I can't believe its still so blonde!). Happy hair, happy Jess.





Envy is a sin…

So for the past two days I’ve been looking at natural hair blogs and the sort and experiencing curl envy lol…ok not really because I know its all troublesome and dramatic and all it took was me removing my bonnet and twisting my finger through my hair to fall in love with my own head of hair again…I’m actually thinking of cutting it. Not a lot…but its a lot longer than it seems to be in this picture, for instance. My hair straightened reaches my shoulders (gasp) you’d really never know LOL…Anyway so I’m thinking of trimming about an inch off. My reasoning is because my front curl pattern is SO heat damaged from flat ironing and my back is like super curly and I love it. I want them to match. So if I keep trimming, like transitioning over again so that I can get them to match a bit more. Plus-natural hair grows like CRAZY, I don’t know if its the oils or the washes or what it is but…I’m not worried it’ll be back soon.  My eventual goal is to be able to wash it, spray in a moisturizing leave-in, and something to make it shiny and bounce.  Right now that’s just not possible without me looking crazy.  SOOOOOOON though, I’m hopeful.  In the mean time, I will continue rolling and roding and curl defining. My next feats are shingling and bantu knots. I’m particularly excited to try the knots as I’m kind of a stan for curls (big curls).  And shingling (applying product-usually something like a curling custard- from root to end of hair) is said to loosen curls, idk my curls are pretty much as I want them (everywhere but the front) but I need it longerrrrr.  Its weird and I look like…ok just not good lol…anyway I can’t help it…here are curls I envy:

This is actually not far off from my curl pattern but this is a TON of hair...jelly!

Its so biiiiiig.... and beautiful!

I feel like this HAS to be a twist pretty though

This is ridiculous lol I literally would be committed if I had this much hair, but man its gorg!

Curly Girl, Jess

Yall know I’ve been fighting it….but I decided to stop lol here is the first step to me embracing my curls!I followed tips given by MahoganyCurls via the CurlyNikki website and I like it! I’ll keep this up for a few days then try another style…

products and tools

Yes I realize it doesn't look curly lol this is after a comb through and towel dry

My hair needs to be trimmed so badly, ignore that...separated hair into 4 sections

Roll hair section by section...I was over this step

All done, sprayed with rosemary oil and bonnet to bed.

Woke up this morning (excuse my less than happy face lol) took rollers out

All done! just pulled spiral curls apart and twisted around my finger

Front side, I pulled some of the hair back so I kind of have a part

Just showing the pinned back side...


Au? Aw!

So a few of my friends have jumped on the natural hair train (choo choo!) Most notably, EC and TR.  TR seems to be having some issues lol, I keep telling her to just stick it out but she’s in her transitioning phase.  EC just had her BC (big chop) and I’m kinda envious of her because she BC’d and actually kept it curly.  You guys may remember that I did my chop in December of 08 but I blew it ouuuut at a Dominican/Aveda salon lol..I wasn’t ready to embrace my natural hair texture just yet…I really don’t think curly hair looks good on me…anyway here’s my hair after 10 months of transitioning and the chop (below) This is pretty much the shortest my hair had been in a loooooong time.  I think I look older with short hair.  To me…I look 25 in this pic.  Tho I wasn’t lol…perhaps let me back up a bit? What did my hair look like BEFORE the chop? well…not too bad…lil more length buuut in my opinion it was never full enough.  IDK I just wasn’t feeling it lol…what made me go natural was the fact that my hair was so thin. I remember my mom doing my hair when I was younger and her fighting with it because there was so much, and at that time…there was no “so much”.  So in Dec I was 100% natural hair, no chemicals.  I just continued to have it straightened trimmed and styled until summer…this is when I decided to get a sew in.  Not being comfy with my curl, I couldn’t keep exposing my hair to the heat of hell that it took to get straight.  (Literally the smoke detector would go off when I did my hair).  So here I issss with the sew in.  This was actually very curly hair that my stylist blew straight, so it had ALL the body-I loved it.  It was funny because when I would wash it and go, people would think it was my natural hair.  Anyway, so I kept the sew in til June-Sept, took it down, trimmed my own hair, and got another one THIS time I got straight hair…it was great (sorta) because the hair was always straight which mean less time with the Chi…BUT it meant that my natural hair which was out in the front and along the edges, had to be pressed pressed pressed in order to blend in.  Right now my hair looks like this, and I’m thinking that my Chi is going to get a lil rest during Lent.  I told my boyfriend, who is all too amped for natural me, that I was going to wear my natural hair natural during Lent.  So I’m currently researching ways to define and keep my curls in tact.  EC turned me on to and I’ve been reading that this morning, as well as asking other natural beauties what they do.  I’m hearing a lot about coconut oil for moisture (I currently use rosemary oil) apparently, though:

Rosemary oil has a number of properties that promote healthy hair growth. One of the important rosemary oil properties is its stimulating effect. The use of rosemary oil on the hair and scalp helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and thus promotes healthy hair growth. It is light in texture and therefore, does not clog the pores in the scalp that may retard hair growth………Coconut oil also helps your hair look vibrant by protecting it. It maintains the hair’s protein as it gets absorbed into the hair shaft. For deep conditioning massage 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil into hair and scalp. Leave in on overnight.

Friend also mentioned the KinkyCurly hair products maybe I’ll try the curling custard.  I have exactly one week to get it all sorted out before the chi gets packed away until Easter…so if anybody has any Natural Curly Hair tips, send them on in:-)

natural curly hair please don’t touch

I want her hair…I love big hair, yes its true…and my hair is naturally curly, yes but not this full. My natural curl pattern is a bit curlier than this but I can’t deal with that lol…not yet. So I think first of the year I’m telling Tasha take this straight mop and lets keep it natural! Hmm or maybe something looser? like…Halle?   I can’t deal with hair that long though I’d go crazy. But I do like it  maybe just like my own length? so lets take off like a foot of hair lol. I mean like… I love it..I call it mermaid hair…and my hair does this so I could just wash it and be out right? I like the thought of that.  Currently I have to wash my hair blow it dry (straight) then flat iron it so that its all nice and *BONE* straight…but thats boring, and thats not really me. I like layers and business goin on in the hair department. I mean honestly, what fun is hair thats one length, bone straight and boring? I’d look like Sheree (bleh) ok so perhaps something else more textured…hmmm its said not to fight your natural curl pattern. To go with it for the best results. Sooo lemme look…Halle’s curl is closer to mine that homegirl up top…but lemme look hmm Jilly from Philly is rockin her natural curls…mine looks like this. (Deeds I don’t wanna hear it-no no no) Me with short curly hair isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll let it be free this summer perhaps? I’ll be all naturalish like Jill in this photo. Sans hair color though.  Whatever happened to “I am not my hair’?? Hmph.  Ok Ok Ok…I am going to embrace my curls. Gimme three weeks…:-/

B*tch hold my ponytail

Ok so I don’t think I fully appreciated that B.Scott phrase until one day last week when I was feeling particularly cocky and I said “B**** hold my ponytail while I dance on your man” lol Why Lord…Why? I dunno, anyway so now I really CAN say BHMP because I got weaved up! Some girls try to act like they don’t have weave…for what? I keep it 100 with yall so check me out:

How I usually look (hair wise)

How I usually look (hair wise)

Moi now

Moi now

The Back

The Back

So I went to my friend D’s salon and I got a full-head sew in here’s the salon information:

The Hair Weaving Center

2550 Cobb Parkway Suite #204

Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 690-8288

Ask for Tasha, and tell her Jessica sent you:-) They are reasonably priced, and even sell hair, though I brought my own (Remi of course).  I gotta say that I’m super pleased. The hair that I got was European Wavy, which is VERY wavy but Tasha blew it out and hit it with the Chi to curl it. Next week I’ll wear it wavy and week after that I’ma go back to her and get it bone straight. Sew-ins for summer is fantastic for us Natural Hair girls living in the south because humidity is a beast and all the heat on your hair isn’t healthy.  So I’d suggest braids, locks, things of that nature but my #1 is gonna be the sew in…versatility is KEY!

Happy Christmas!

Dear Diary,
drank too much wine last night…i officially have no tolerance and thus will not be drinking again for a v.e.r.y long time. I got Twi.light, and the new for Christmas, Ummmmm I’m sleeping all day. OH my hair turned out fabulously (pix later today)!!! So anyone in the ATL area needing some hair that MoVeS when you do, check out:
Porschia @ Metro Salon Studio
1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive
Suite R104
Atlanta, GA 30317 us
(404) 373-5740
(And tell her Jess referred you, she’ll love it) and they serve drinks so get you a lil margarita while you sit under the steam dryer lol.
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good day


Check all the layers

Check all the layers


I’m still on my anti-beyonce kick. I wondered to my friend the other day…why is it that this girl is literally EVERYWHERE just to promote a CD that 60% of her fan base is going to download illegally anyway? The other 40% you know the Drag Queens who worship Ms. Fierce will wait for the video DVD so they can work and twerk in the clubs with the utmost feroceness. Now take the overhaul of B and notice that Jay-z doesn’t promote a damn thing. When was the last time anybody saw him out doing media blitzes to push a cd? Yet I had no problem buying American Gangster because it was aMAzing (as said by Mia Michaels).  Say Hello to the master of swagg..maybe he can teach his girl some because she is so extra its ridiculous.

Moving on, so I read somewhere that this lady was mad because she went to JC Penny’s salon to get her hair colored but they said they don’t do Black Hair. She is now in the process of filing a law suit against them claiming discrimination. I have mix feelings about this because had they colored her hair knowing full well they didn’t do black hair and effed it up then she would’ve been pissed with bad hair. I 1/2 feel like they did her a service and I don’t think it was meant in a discriminatory manner but then I wasn’t there. I still think I would’ve appreciated the honesty rather than a ratchet ass dye job. The lady said, “I’m not asking for a perm or a style or anything else — it doesn’t take a special person or a special skill to do that” ummmmm is she serious? Now I will say the DubbGee’s can cut some hair man, because black stylist are SOOOOO resistant to cut/and or they get scissor happy, but Our hair is different than WG hair, lets face it and YES it does take special skill to do that otherwise, bertha, you could’ve done it your daggum self.  I’m over racism.

Also, everyone is all a-buzz about this “shoe” situation with President Bush, but I’m not amused. AT.ALL. 1st of all, I love Barack and all that but Bush is still our president right now and I’m not a fan of anyone throwing things at the president, seriously?!?  2nd Um I realize it was just a shoe but come on Secret Service, no one could’ve blocked shoe #2?!? They better tighten that ship before 1.20.09.  My dad thinks I’m over-reacting but let someone just randomly throw their shoe at you let alone BOTH shoes and see how you feel, 1/2 of everyone would be ready to fight and curse.  Nope I won’t post the video because I think its disrespectful and effed up. Sorry. Google it if u must.

And this is just completely random, but don’t you HATE when people ask you something more than once, especially in a given day?  LISTEN. I hate repeating myself.

Wipe me down…

I am exhausted. I was supposed to go in to my lil part time job for 3 hours today, 4-7 which was cool because it was a quick lil shift didn’t have to open or close *holla* Of course, that’s not what happened. Some jerk didn’t show up so my manager asked me to stay. I didn’t mind because I wasn’t doing anything anyway so I did. I got home at 11:33. Now…maybe 4-11 doesn’t seem like a long time but it does when you’ve only physically and mentally prepared yourself for 3 hours. 

Anyway, so I’m beat, and I don’t even have any news, oh my AlMaMaTeR got a new head coach (unofficially) but check the story(click the pic)…I’m wondering if he is really prepared for SEC football because its not something to be taken lightly. I understand that he may bring his dad from the TB Buccs up for some Defensive help, which I wonder how Chavis will feel about that…anyway Offense is the one that needs help, and Special teams. Someone please find Trooper Taylor and bring him back. And please tell these players they are not God’s gift to the game…I hope Kiffin knows what he’s getting himself into because Us VOLfans are ready to win!!! See you in April Kif!

Cute Fun Hair

Cute Fun Hair

Oh yeah, so wipe me down cuz I’m on…I’m growing out this perm and going natural (for the millionth time) no but really this time lol usually I make it til about july and the frizz is unbearable so I perm it. This time I went feb-july with sew-ins or braids and then I *all of a sudden* had to move and so I literally had to perm it because I had no time for anything else, as my life was in boxes and no time for the shop. I deeply regret it😦 but so I’m starting over. So from July-now I’m perm free and TRUST me its crazy. Anyway I’m going to have to start chopping off the perm eventually so I think I want a fun shorter style a la this! (minus the color) IDK how I feel about the whole swoop to one side thing, but I never get fun hair, I always get conservative hair…I wanna be fun for once lol. If I go through with it, I’ll definitely post pix!