Everyday miracles

I believe in all the things that are normally left in fairy tales and make-believe. I know angels to be real and love when I see little timestamps in my journey that tell me I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. Last night I had statistics class. I hate it. For a lot of … More Everyday miracles

Me, Alice, and God

I was laying in bed, just now, halfway wanting to roll over and surrender to slumber, and halfway wanting to engage in the world; I decided to read.  I pulled out my phone and went to my kindle app where I looked up Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I got so far as the introduction … More Me, Alice, and God

Into the ocean

I took her silence as permission to pray, or really do whatever it was I was being called to do and it just so happened the moment called for a talk with something higher.  Out into the ocean I breathed with purpose, dissecting the smells of my surroundings; surf, sand, a passing sun, and peace.  She would … More Into the ocean