Kate Spade Psalms

About three weeks after I chopped all of my hair I had a new lacefront wig. It was not because I hated my short hair, it was because I was going to Denver and thought it would be fun to have “Kim Kardashian” hair. Then when I returned I needed long(er) bone straight with bangs, affectionally and pragmatically named, “post-Denver” hair.


The truth of the matter is that I just love playing dress up. I believe whole-heartedly in the words of Kate Spade when she said, “Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never really ends.”  I love waking up and deciding what look I’m going to master. I guess that’s why I love hair and make-up shoes and clothes. I love the theatrical nature to it.

I think about my mom, she said “why did you chop all your hair off just to cover it up?” But I guess I do not see it that way. I see it as me expressing myself as I feel in that moment. Its fun! Sometimes I feel girly and prim, other times I feel like jeans and an oversized hoodie with boots and aviators. You just never know. I do laugh because often people don’t know what to do with me or how to take me because I change my hair so much. However, I don’t even worry about it. I can’t worry about it. I don’t change, just the wrapping paper.

I’ll likely never forget Zachary’s reaction to my big chop. That he could really see me now. Quite honestly, since the chop whether I’ve worn wigs or my fro I’ve felt the same freedom and ease. I feel lighter. Even though I had a knotty stomach when it came to money last week, in general I have remained at peace. At peace and in laughter. Happy.

B*tch hold my ponytail

Ok so I don’t think I fully appreciated that B.Scott phrase until one day last week when I was feeling particularly cocky and I said “B**** hold my ponytail while I dance on your man” lol Why Lord…Why? I dunno, anyway so now I really CAN say BHMP because I got weaved up! Some girls try to act like they don’t have weave…for what? I keep it 100 with yall so check me out:

How I usually look (hair wise)

How I usually look (hair wise)

Moi now

Moi now

The Back

The Back

So I went to my friend D’s salon and I got a full-head sew in here’s the salon information:

The Hair Weaving Center

2550 Cobb Parkway Suite #204

Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 690-8288

Ask for Tasha, and tell her Jessica sent you:-) They are reasonably priced, and even sell hair, though I brought my own (Remi of course).  I gotta say that I’m super pleased. The hair that I got was European Wavy, which is VERY wavy but Tasha blew it out and hit it with the Chi to curl it. Next week I’ll wear it wavy and week after that I’ma go back to her and get it bone straight. Sew-ins for summer is fantastic for us Natural Hair girls living in the south because humidity is a beast and all the heat on your hair isn’t healthy.  So I’d suggest braids, locks, things of that nature but my #1 is gonna be the sew in…versatility is KEY!

Becky Becky Becky…what is we gone do?

Desite my best efforts I have gotten completely caught up in the drama that is Real Housewives of Atlanta. My favorite is still NeNe with Lisa bringing up 2nd, and I still can’t stand Sheree (who My friend A and I decided prolly was ‘sherry’ growing up but a net worth boost called for a boug up of the name) nor can I stand Kim and lucky lucky…somebody’s getting the beat down soon! *holla* So apparently Kim and Lisa go at it, even physically, on the reunion show, and BRAVO has finally released pre-footage teasers! Check them out below… (click the pic)

LOVES IT!  I can’t wait for the show. The finale is actually tonight at 10 idk whats going to happen and don’t even care, bring on the reunion show!!!

Also A, and I are supposed to be having a funeral for 2008 to bury all the things that we wish to leave in this year and alleviate from 2009..pettiness was supposed to be the star of the show but it keeps creeping its ugly head back into my life.  You have 1.5 months!!!

Lastly I’ve been looking for a new holiday look…hair wise that is. Of course I searched online at different styles buuuut I eventually settled on a 1b/30 version of some Sanaa hair lol, and so far I like it. My friend F told me to go longer lk 14 inches but we all know that whatever I do will result in a long luxe ponytail because I”m lazy lol so for now I’ll keep it mid length and maybe by new years I’ll be ready for the “long hair don’t care” ciara type hair?  we’ll see…

Ciara (click the pic to hear Explode)

Ciara (click the pic to hear Explode)

OH and speaking of CiCi, here’s her new jam “Explode” which I’m a fan of much more so than “go girl” which I still am not quite sure if being a go girl is good or bad…Ciara to the stage *ey* Yeah total girl crush on her, can’t wait for Fantasy Ride to drop in Jan