On my wedding day

I have always had this idea about getting married at the ocean, and more recently in the ocean. Standing there at sunset with my beloved under God at the meeting of air and water, earth and fire it felt so perfect in my head. I got a taste of it this summer in Bali as … More On my wedding day


I was driving home the other night when a song that reminded me of E came on. As I sang along two conversations occurred in my head. One in which I thought of him and us and our laughter, and another where I laid to rest those sounds and continued on up the 805. I … More Loveeeeee


Stealing from Hov…this is the Death of  Thirst…in lieu of the weekends events and the Steve McNair tragedy, radio shows, blogs and twitterers have been asking, is cheating ever really worth it?  Oddly enough I was reading my Bible looking for a verse in Proverbs 31 and I looked left and saw: Proverbs 30:20 and … More D.O.T.

Family Vs. Love…

So today in class we watched a case study and had a discussion about family and love. Can you spend the rest of your life with someone that your family doesn’t approve of? If you had to make a choice would you? It seems absolutely ludicrous that people would have to choose between the two … More Family Vs. Love…