Lovers Love Jazz

I’ve loved Chicago since Darius and Nina. Never smoked a cigarette, but I would if love and poetry called for it. Crisp white shirt and a soft worn leather jacket, dressed in twists and intrigue. Spill my soul on a mic to perfect strangers, tell them about him and us. I haven’t craved a man … More Lovers Love Jazz

Worry not!

I know you guys have missed me 🙂 Fret not, here I am…with some certified ISH I like.  Horray! No more half-assed typed-on-my-BB-in-the-middle-of-the-night posts lol, its a real whole blog post.  Get excited!!! Ok so…The following songs I’m digging: Alice Russell “Crazy” Yes its a cover..and I randomly heard it at work…I bbm Deeds and … More Worry not!

Me and You…

Go on this adventure in love with me… Don’t you hate when you love a guy so much but he irritates the S outta you? You have offers from others but you can’t let go and move on, *sigh* Jazmine Sullivan “In love with another man” you try to give him the benefit of the … More Me and You…

Bible Music

So, as if we didn’t know music brings people together. Some songs unite us in joy, some in pain.  Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor is the song that unites us in pain. I seriously can’t think of a.n.y.b.o.d.y who after going through a serious break up doesn’t think every single word in this song was about them … More Bible Music


Press|PLAY|Read I decided to make this post a tribute to all the things I’m a little bit obsessed with.  I’m sure they’re common obsessions but the culmination makes me, ME! btw I was never really fond of my nick name J.Dubb it came in college…stuck really and so I’ve made it my rapper name. You … More moi


Since the grammy people have gone ass-backwards I’ve taken liberties with their 2009 nominee’s…And the winners are: The nominees for the 2009 Grammy Awards are: RECORD OF THE YEAR “Chasing Pavements,” Adele “Viva La Vida,” Coldplay “Bleeding Love,” Leona Lewis “Paper Planes,”  M.I.A “Please Read the Letter,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss **Ok…*sigh* this might … More Jammy’s