A Liminal New Year

Let us just begin by stating that prior to Zachary, I had never even heard of the word ‘liminal’ and now I am using it to describe a very real phenomenon.  Not sure that I have mentioned, but I will be travelling to Santiago, Chile soon.  I am going for a class but will be… More A Liminal New Year

shawty got gifts

Napoleon Dynamite said guys like girls who have skills. I don’t know what kind of ‘skills’ he was referring to but I’ve got some of what I’d like to think are ‘skills’.  I can’t give too much away on the internet cuz the streets don’t whisper but I’m just sayin…Somebody better tell ’em mayne they… More shawty got gifts


So new years eve is the one time a year when you can go out looking like a disco ball, be drunk, kiss a stranger and people not think less of you. Now this of course calls for a FABULOUS dress and FMPumps…My shoe game is nice already but I need a new dress. That’s… More eDress.me