Secret Garden

I’ve become acutely aware that the 10 year anniversary of my accident is approaching. My mom hates that I remember it, but I do. Every single day. And as February 17th creeps closer, so does this sense of panic. I specifically recall tell God I had to be okay because I had work to do … More Secret Garden

On my lips

Losing weight is not nor has it ever been about losing weight. After I finished that last post, I got dressed and went on a run/walk around my neighborhood. I listened to the Belle Brigades and went to explore. Down unexplored streets and finding new views; I was looking for the sting in my lungs. … More On my lips

Power and Purpose

Yall…God was speaking to me in too many ways for me not to share this message.  When the Spirit moves you, you gotta get right or get left!  So here goes! First of all, I have had it up to HERE with people not taking personal accountability for the state of the nation, both economically … More Power and Purpose