My First 3

So tonight, actually right now I’m having a three.some with my dear friends Cleo and Heat…at first I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how to do it.  Heat asked me, Dubb…how do we add another person and I said I think you just invite them?  He mentioned Cleo…I approved.

So we started…and we waiting for Cleo to join, she didn’t right away and we were a little nervous…but she came in.  It was the most natural thing on earth. Like…we’d been doing this together our whole lives and everyone was comfortable and happy.  I have to say…I’d do it again..soon.

heehee…i was going to stop my post here…but I figured I’d tell you crazy kids that were were Goog.le Wave-ing its pretty nifty and I’m the worst at it.  Heat and Cleo are much better and guided me through the whole thing. It didn’t hurt. It felt kind good…Oh wait..the sexual innuendo jig is up huh…ok well anyway yeah if you get an invite definitely play with it..and then ask a friend to play with it with you (heehee)

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