Becoming Dr. Williams

The night before my dissertation defense, I laid in my bed crying enduring panic attack after panic attack. I had received a text message from Zachary who had been something like an Angelo Dundee during the process for me, “Breathe. Get it done”. In between reading comments and making changes I would massage my aching … More Becoming Dr. Williams

A Supposedly Straight Woman’s Process for Grieving after Orlando

My name is Jessica. I recently graduate with my doctoral degree so, in some spaces it is also likely that I am referred to as Doctor Williams. I am 5’9″ with an undercut and kinky, curly natural Black hair atop my head. I weigh somewhere between 250-350 lbs at any given time depending on what … More A Supposedly Straight Woman’s Process for Grieving after Orlando

Holy Grail

You’d been on my mind. Moments after our conversation ended, I bit the inside of my cheek. Stay here. I urged myself, knowing that I have the tendency to float away on clouds of what-ifs. Fabi said to me, “I have something for you.” I opened the card, a Ketubah tree. It was beautiful with twisted … More Holy Grail


…and you’ll go write about it in your journal I felt the words pierce my skin and chill me. When I woke up the exchange still lingered and a pervasive cold clouded my sunshine all day until I stared the storm in the eye.  When I realized it wasn’t those words, specifically, that hurt so … More Closets

Done. Did.

I was reflecting on the past five years of my life. The past five years that I have poured myself fully into pursuing my doctorate. The past five years where I have experienced some of the lowest lows: Break-ups Miscarriage Debt Theft Friendships Ended Loss of Loved Ones Sexual Assault More debt PTSD Anxiety Depression … More Done. Did.