…the thing about poppers, husbands, and shitty jobs

There is something masochistic about indulging in an act that could kill you, for a moment of pleasure. I scolded a friend who had a scare with poppers. I warned my friend who was struggling with the idea of leaving her husband but loved the lifestyle he could afford them. I recited to myself as … More …the thing about poppers, husbands, and shitty jobs


Cheryl Strayd and Liz Gilbert wrote two of my very favorite stories. It started with an impetus. Liz laying on the bathroom floor acknowledging the gnawing inside of her that wanted out…of her marriage. Cheryl took to the Pacific Crest Trail in an effort to face her pain, walk her way back to herself. I … More Wild

Suicidal Ideation

I haven’t written in a while. Nothing pulled me to metaphorical pen and paper and begged to be articulated. The stories I had now felt shallow and superficial or more of the same.  Really, as I just caught myself tracking my thoughts as they slowly became darker and twistier, things were not the same. They … More Suicidal Ideation