You get what you ask for (The Secret)

My grandmother on my dad’s side knew The Secret before the book was written. She told my mom, when you pray you have to be specific because you’ll get just what you pray for. 

I was reading a blog of a friend of mine’s and she was talking about the curse of a day. It made me think of two things, 555 and Where the Heart Is, and October 2nd. October 2nd used to be my cursed day and I remember telling BFFK about it feeling so strongly about its curse that it ended up being a bad day for her for the next few years. How much of that did I bring on myself?

How about the belief that if your right palm is itching you’re about to get some money? I know that’s true for me, but is it because my palm itched or is it because this random body function sets into motion an energy pattern?

When Bill Torbert came for his talk he discussed triple loop thinking. Very simply put, single loop thinking is when we change at the performance level (if I do something different, I’ll get something different). Double loop thinking is when we change at the level of strategy, (if I do it in a different way, I’ll get something different).  Triple loop thinking is when we change our attitudes and intention surrounding the thing (if I believe something different, I will get something different). 

Single and double can be tricky.  For example, say you want a boyfriend. Single loop would change the clothes you wear, maybe even your hair style. Double loop would start to utilize online dating sites, singles clubs, and blind set-ups.

The thing that I love, and believe so immensely is the third piece, triple loop. Why do you have to change to receive a boyfriend? Is that suggesting something is wrong with the you, you already are? Perhaps if you believe you’re wonderful the way you are rather than I’m not enough for what I want, the boyfriend will come. I guess its just willing it in a different way.

If I look at the unwanted things in my life, I have to then wonder, why I have put them there? More than that, what am I currently telling myself to keep them there? Its because I believe that the person I am (the way I look, perform, speak, the place that I come from, my social class, my upbringing, etc.) deserves certain things. Certain miseries, even. And no matter how I change the things I do or the way I do them, my beliefs are energy and like a sirens call I will lure these miseries right back into my life. Here me when I say, I have had enough.

I keep going back to these cards…this isolation and this instruction to let go. Why on earth do we hold on to pain? Why on earth do we hold on to heartbreak? Is it as simple as familiarity? Is it for fear that if we let this pain go, something far worse may be waiting? There also needs to be a reframing of the unknown, when did it become all fear and doom? There is light in all things, I have to choose to see that, too.

I’m ready to let go and clear these shelves. I’m ready to stop telling myself all the ugliness that’s become second nature to me at home in my thoughts. I am ready to put both feet into the unknown.  Lastly, I am ready to receive the things I tell myself are not for me, that are off-limits to me.  I am ready to believe something different of myself and for myself. I am not a person who deserves to be unhappy. I am quite the contrary, and its time I started really believing that.

Bring on the jabberwocky.


2 thoughts on “You get what you ask for (The Secret)

  1. I have been tossing this post around in my mind and re-reading bits of it ever since it showed up in my inbox this morning.
    I find myself nodding along; I hear you; I FEEL you; I find strength in your wisdom.

    But then, I wonder, if there is truly validity to the thought that we bring bad things upon ourselves. Our thoughts, our words, our actions, we can change. But what about the uncontrollable? The things truly out of our reach? The things that fall in the “maybe everything happens for a reason” corner and the things that despite our lack of understanding we have to at least try to believe that there must have been some larger plan at play. What about the things that we truly had no control over?

    I don’t think you can will disaster, or loss, or miracles. I think some things are beyond even our capability of triple looping.

    Why do we hold onto pain? I think you are so right; we hold onto familiarity because as painful as it may be, it is still more comfortable than the unknown. A dull throbbing is more manageable than a sharp stabbing.

    But for some things; for events that have happened, I think we have to hold on, because we want to give our tragedy a voice. We want to turn it into a part of our stories, because even if we don’t want it to be, it is. We want our tragedies to count just as much as our triumphs, because they are all definitions of ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and making me think and ponder. Thank you for giving me a space in which to answer some tough questions.

    Love you, my sweet friend. 🙂

    1. I both agree and disagree with you. I think that while there are some things that happen and true enough, they just happen and they are what they are. But I think more of the repetitive types of things that happen TO us and I think much of that has to do with our intention and our energy.

      Then again, maybe I think its all energy. Because we do not experience life in a vacuum, not only are we subject to our own will but also that of our environment…I do not think that anything happens without reason or purpose or at random. While I find it awful to consider that we are solely responsible for all the dispair, loss and hurt we feel (I do not believe this) I think that it is the bed we make in these emotions that call more of it to us.

      Love you more.

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